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Sublimation or dye-diffusion is a form of printing that makes use of heat to shift dye onto substrates. It is a form of computer printer which prints high-quality images onto various surfaces ranging from fabrics to plastic to paper. It is a very environment-friendly method that produces almost no waste and requires a very small amount of dye

Heat Transfer.

Heat transfer printing also known as thermal printing includes vinyl heat tranfer and digital print heat tranfer.It makes use of heat to tranfer an image or a design onto the object being printed upon. Heat- transfer printed designs are quite durable and can be used to print on hard objects too.

Laser Engraving.

Laser Engraving makes use of laser beams in order to carve an object. The laser beam imparts high heat to the surface thus creating spaces which will ultimately form the desired image. It can be used on almost any sort of material even glass and leather. It has many applications in different fields like fine arts, medical purposes and so on.

Digital ID Card.

Also known as PVC cards or plastic cards that can come in different forms and are very durable and versatile. Due to their smooth surface thermal print process is used to tranfer ink onto its flat surface. Laser printers or consumer grade inkjet printers cannot be used to print on its surface.


We have embossing services for beautifying, publicity, saleable, promotional and digital printing industries. Services include hot, cold and pressure roller embossing services. Materials used include sheet metals, non-wovens, wovens, foil and paper, and many other materials. We deliver on time because of our high work ethics. 


We have specialized computerized sewing machines that can embroider stitches per minute with multiple colored threads. So even if you are into simple or if you are into intricate work we have the scope in embroidery. We follow best practices in the industry with a good consideration on Materials and equipment, Fabric selection and color schemes used for embroidery

Print & Cutt.

Plenty of printing machines out there only offer shapes that are standard like square or circle. But with the help of print & cutt machines, any shape can be cut out. Die-cutting consists of the process of cutting your image into the required form.

Screen Printing.

In this kind of printing ink is applied on the substrate using a mesh except in certain areas where it is made impermeable by a blocking stencil.

Fiber Laser Marking.

Fiber Laser Marking leaves inedible high contrast marks on an object with the help of laser beams. As this kind of printing doesn’t make use of inks or tool bits it serves as an advantage over other alternatives where ink orbit heads have to restored repeatedly.

Uv Printing.

UV printing is an unconventional form of printing that makes use of ultra-violet lights. The ultraviolet lights are used to cure the ink in the process of printing. As and when the ink is distributed on the substrate (material being printed on) specially designed UV lights cure or dry up the ink instantly. UV printings have several advantages and can print on a variety of different materials.


Epoxy Coating is a liquid that consists of resin and hardener which is formulated in accordance to the requirement. It can be used on electronics and steel as it is resistant to water, alkalis and acids. The liquid is put on the surface which further spreads and hardens giving an embossed effect. Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including metal coatings, use in electronics/electrical components/LEDs, high tension electrical insulators, paint brush manufacturing, fiber-reinforced plastic materials and structural.

Pad Printing.

Tampography another name for pad printing is an indirect method of printing in which a 2-D image is transferred onto a 3-D object. Under this process the pad made up of rubber tranfers the image onto the substrate without coming into direct contact with the printing plate. This method can be used for printing uneven surfaces,
mechanically sensitive products, curved parts, etc.



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